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Concealment Solutions For The Modern Professional

If you've made it here, you're probably well versed in the art of self defense. When one carries a firearm, professionally or for self defense, over time they learn what works and what doesn't. We encourage you to take a look around at the cutting edge of first line gear concealment solutions. Over the years, we've built a name for ourselves (formerly as as one of the leading shops in custom kydex gear. Please take a moment to look over our Lifetime Warranty and Trial Period, and rest assured that your purchase is completely protected - even in the event you decide to return it.

Our company currently has gear in active use within the Special Operations community, Law Enforcement Special Response Teams, Federal Agents, Undercover Officers / Agents, Private Military Contractors, Firearm Instructors and armed civilians from every corner of the world. With more model and color options than any holster manufacturer in the world,  we are confident that one of our designs will fit your needs. You aren't purchasing a product - you are purchasing a promise that your support gear will be of the highest caliber for the rest of your life, backed by a company built on durability, customer service, and performance. Thanks for visiting. Stay safe!