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We get asked this every once and awhile. It can be a difficult question to answer, especially without stomping on a competitor or revealing trade secrets. Some have been offended when confronted with this question... me personally - I love hearing it. Why you ask? It means we have attracted a customer who is the type to do research on a product before making a purchase... ensuring the right choice is being made. So I prefer to look at it as a compliment... as PerSec Systems could be the company this type of person has decided on after hours of time spent researching.

I have two personal rules in this "Holster Crafting" business... don't push yourself ahead at the expense of your competitors, and do everything in your power to never let a customer walk away feeling unsatisfied. So in honoring the first rule I try and never speak negatively about one of my peers, big or small, which makes the question "Why buy from you?" even more difficult to answer. So in this section I will avoid comparing my product to others and instead focus on the high points of PerSec

When I brought this company online several years ago, I liked to use the slogan "To Under Promise and Over Deliver". I've noticed this saying has caught on with other companies... both literally and in business practices. This simple idea is what allows PerSec to have returning customers who have spent in the thousands of dollars with us. The treatment of the customer is important. The ordering experience is important. The presentation is important. The finely finished edges brought to a perfect sheen are important. Unfortunately, many of these things can't be discovered by looking over photos on a website. 

Everything comes back around to the idea that one cannot consider themself a Master of their craft until they've clocked at least 10,000 hours performing it. Everyone working here full time has cleared that a long time ago. We don't train gunfighting, we don't enforce laws, we don't travel the world on behalf of our brave military, we don't provide private security or track down terror suspects undercover.... we just make the gear for all of the above to use. It's no surprise that for years PerSec has worked closely with the above groups in testing and evaluation to continuously improve our products and innovate new designs.

Our designs, materials, and way of running a business have influenced many in this industry. It's a great feeling to see your ideas expanded on by other companies - large and small. Myself and employees of my company have worked with other manufacturers in the firearm accessory industry in testing and evaluating different designs and offering input.... everything from belts to AR15 accessories to optics. How does this translate to your purchase with PerSec? Well... it means our designs and business practices have made friends in the industry. It also means that these companies have had a say in helping us craft our product lines and provided invaluable input.

Now for the "meat and potatoes" of why our product could be a good choice for you. PerSec uses materials that are better than or equal to any Kydex gear company on the market. Our workmanship is of the highest caliber, with smooth finishing and clean classy designs. We support valiant efforts without feeling the need to brag about it. Our pricing is fair for truly handmade custom items. The website and payment processors are secure providing peace of mind, and multiple payment options are available. Our production times are low and reasonable. And we offer more color, model, and belt attachment combinations than any other holster company in the world... allowing for a truly custom carry load out.

You may ask, why bother stocking so many different colors and options... function over form - right? Well, why not "Function AND Form"? If you've discovered the benefits of Kydex, found a company that provides clean designs, finishing that won't rip a leather car seat or couch, has extensive model support, and multiple IWB and OWB belt attachment options all while providing lifetime durability and product support.... why not get it made exactly how you want it? 

I won't bother listing our product specs, as most are in the product descriptions and others are considered trade secrets proprietary to PerSec Systems. Just know that the materials being used are of the absolute highest quality. The craftsmanship is hard earned and professional in every aspect. And when you buy with PerSec Systems, you buy into a promise of lifetime service and support. We take care of our customers. I have kept my company small enough that it's not the ultimate goal to herd in as many sales as possible to survive, but large enough to provide the best possible option to the consumer. 

So if you've bothered reading this far... why not give us a chance? We have a 30 day trial period in place to protect you from getting fooled on the internet (we've all been there) and a Lifetime Warranty to protect your investment. You also get access to a company that rewards its returning customers and is on the bleeding edge of moving next generation weapon carry gear forward.

To all of our loyal customers, many thanks. We will continue pushing the envelope in Kydex carry gear. To all of our new customers, welcome aboard! And to those who came and looked around but didn't purchase anything... maybe we will see you in the future.

Best wishes,

Steve Stamper

President / Head of Production