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Lead Times: 4 - 8 Weeks*

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who processes my payment?

PayPal. They are chosen for providing the best security available, and providing customers with a promise that their money is not at risk. PayPal is well known to freeze merchants' funds and refund a customer's money in the event a merchant doesn't deliver. We provide an unmatched level of customer service, but it's still reassuring to the customer to know that their purchase and information is protected.

2. Do I have to have a PayPal account to purchase?

No, you are able to purchase as a "Guest".

3.   I'm new to this style of holster. What should I be looking at to get started?

We recommend taking a look at our "Package" in the Online Store.

4.  Can I get an update on my order?

It is difficult to give an exact timeline on an order's ship date until it actually begins production. All orders are printed and pressed in the order they are received. However, certain items may require particular qualified makers to finish. More or less, all orders ship in the received chronological order. Custom Camo Colors and One-Off Custom Items requested do not follow posted lead times. Contact for updates.

5.   Will I receive any notifications throughout the production process?

Upon ordering, you will receive a receipt of payment sent to the provided email address. There will be a notification when the order is printed for production, followed by when the USPS shipping label is printed. At this point, the order will be leaving our facility in the next few days. Our goal is to get products out the door as quickly as possible, negating the need for a constant status update. 

6.   Will you expedite my order?

Generally, no. In some extremely rare instances in which a military serviceman in a theater of war has an immediate need for gear - we may expedite the order. This exception applies to combat troops only. Given that most conventional combat units must use what is issued, this exception only applies to select groups of warriors. In the event of an expedited order, it generally means Craftsman will be working their days off to fill the need without slowing down standard production.

7.   Will you expedite Warranty claims?

Absolutely. All warranty work, though rare, is expedited to the very top. The same goes for any mistakes made on our part in filling an order, which will generally mean some free product in this instance.

8.   I'm thinner / bigger than the 30"-40" waist range and am worried about fit. What should I do?

Let us know! Feel free to put it in the comments box when ordering a holster. Generally, this issue only applies to those who are very thin and carry IWB primarily. For this situation, we strongly recommend the SPEAR as it contours to the body much better than a Modular Pancake Holster.

9.   My belt is hard to thread through the belt loops. Is something wrong?

No. Thicker belts will be more difficult to thread. The pancake design depends on a tight fit in order to hold so closely to the body. We also mold our belt loops to nearly the exact belt width. This eliminates any play when drawing the weapon. If threading is bothersome, the OWB Pancake Loops are recommended.

10.   Can I send my firearm to you for molding?

We do not have an FFL at this time, so we are unable to take delivery of any serialized part of a weapon. 

11.   Can I send my light / laser / knife / etc. for a custom order if it isn't listed as a supported item?

Absolutely. Please contact for more information about setting up your custom order.

12.   Will a Weapon Light Holster carry the pistol without the light attached?

This is not an ideal way to carry the firearm and we strongly recommend against doing so - especially outside of a static range environment.

13.   How much is the Military / Law Enforcement / Instructor discount, and how do I redeem it?

The discount is 10% and our way of saying "Thank You". To redeem the discount, please send an email to from your work email address or include a copy of your NRA certified instructor certificate requesting the discount code. 

14.   I am a dealer insterested in carrying your product. Is this possible?

Yes. Please contact to see about dealer and rebranding opportunities.

15.   I am interested in receiving a quote to outfit our Military unit / Police Unit / or Security Contract Team. Where can I find this?

Orders of 10 or more holsters are eligible for certain pricing when being issued by the parent agency or unit. Please contact for more information.

16.   Can I call and order by phone?

Not at this time. We never see any credit / debit card information the customer provides when ordering. This minimizes the chance for any security breaches. Our payment processing company is the most secure in the world.

17.   Do you have a storefront that I can visit?

Not at this time.

18.   I need to change my order and / or address. 

Please contact with a list of any changes, Invoice number, full name, email address used, and date of purchase.

19.   I'm having a hard time reholstering my weapon.

It is recommended to "rock" the weapon into the holster. If you holster the gun at a slight angle, leading with the slide or weapon light, pushing down will cause it to line up and reholster smoothly. It helps to use the sweat guard as an index point.

20.   Why are some items outlined in red on the Webstore?

The items outlined in red can be clicked and drug into the shopping bag (which is the same color). If there are options that need filled out, the store will inform you. This makes purchasing multiple items quicker and easier.
21.   Where is the shopping bag?

The shopping bag will appear once something is added to it from an individual product page. It remains in the Store portion of the website for up to 30 days, allowing you to complete your purchase later.
22.   Do I have to make an account with your store?

No, certainly not. But it is helpful as it stores any past orders for you to look up at a later date. We also provide special discounts at times for returning customers, which requires an account.
23. Do you sell or share my personal information?

Absolutely not. 
24.   Can you tell me what Law Enforcement or Military units are using your gear - personally or as an issued item?

Absolutely not. This could jeopardize an operator in particular situations. Criminals and terrorists use computers as well. This is also an area we would never exploit.

25. What thickness Kydex do you use? Do Kydex Belt Attachments break?

All kydex unless otherwise noted is 0.080" Kydex T Haircell P1 on holster bodies. No Kydex is used in our Belt Attachments, as we've switched to Polymers and other plastics that provide better strength and durability - allowing complete peace of mind for our customers.
26. What is "Calcutta Black" and why is it starred? Why are the Camo Colors starred?

Calcutta Black is a thinner Kydex with a deeper black color. Being it is thinner (0.060") than what we generally use, it does NOT carry the lifetime warranty. The Camo Colors are not generally stocked, and therefore fall under a Full Custom Order which does not follow the posted Production Times.
27.   Can I buy one of your SCAR Heavy magazines, since they are hard to find on the market right now?

Absolutely not. We use them in production, hence buying them to begin with.
28.   Do you ship OCONUS?

Absolutely. We are working on easier integration of OCONUS shipping rates into the webstore currently, but please contact for the time being on setting up your order. Please understand that it is a $20 upcharge if not going to an APO or FOB.
29.   Who is ""?
This was our previous working title, Personal Security Systems, that we started under before shortening the name.
30.   Can I stack coupons?
31.   My question wasn't answered here.
Please use our Contact form on the website or contact us by any listed email for more information to answer any questions you may have.